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Washing and care instructions

Designs; Geneve, Granada, Ontario, Singapore.

CONTENT:  100% polyester

Garment Care:  GARMENT CARE

Our garments are manufactured in quality fabric that is designed for regular use, i.e. washing and wearing every day. However care must still be taken in order to get the maximum life from your garment:  Please follow the wash instructions on the garment label. We also recommend that zippers, studs and buttons should be fastened before washing to prevent snags. Always use a quality detergent as additives can cause pilling and fading.

Do not tumble dry as this can greatly shorten the lifespan of your uniform. If you wish to iron your garment please iron inside out on a low temperature. Avoid mixed washing for the best care. We recommend that you wash your uniform at a low temperature on its own.

You may wash your uniform with other items but avoid washing with cottons, mixed fibres or natural fibres because this can lead to transfer pilling where the fibres from the cotton or natural fibres attach themselves to the fibres of your uniform.

Furthermore we recommend that you do not mix dark colours with light colours in the wash, this can lead to fabric bleed and discolouration.

When to wear an apron: If you are using chemicals, bleaches, waxes or dyes in your work always wear a protective apron when these products are in use.

Care: Easy care. Machine wash, low temperature max 40 degrees. hang to dry.

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